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Fireproofing: Services


What is Fireproofing?

When a structure is exposed to fire, fireproofing offers double protection; it acts as a barrier against heat transfer from fire source to substrate while at the same time the binder releases water or crystallization to provide a cooling action to the substrate. These coatings expand under fire to form an insulating char layer that protects the structural steel underneath.

Cementitious fireproofing is a protective coating specifically formulated for application over rigid, urethane and polystyrene foam plastics. Spray applied to interior foam surfaces on walls and ceilings, the product forms a hard, durable, monolithic thermal barrier against heat and fire.


  • Proven in-place performance

  • Low in-place cost

  • Fast, efficient application

  • CAN ULC fire tested, and factory inspected

  • Building Code compliant


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